Day 26

every morning
every night
when the stars smile back at me
strowberies tiny bells
a few eyes blinking
colorful hands embracing all there is
freedom is not a concept anymore
and humans see they are one
teenagers stop harming themselves
suicides disappear
bad humour is just an old memory
we’re making and taking launch together
nothing to do
nowhere to be
here and now is not a poem
neither a gang of so called lost souls
beautiful flowers coming out of our hearts


Day 24

dac-aș fi aproape singur pe-o insulă pustie
aș vrea să vii cu mine să mergem la cofetărie
să facem călărie să ridicăm o brutărie
să fim astronauți scafandri exploratori sau crocodili

apoi dintr-o mișcare să facem din ocean o mare
din insulă o barcă călătoare
cerul povești să spună și vorbind cu noi
să ne trimită ploi și nuferi și girafe mici
oameni pitici și să adauge

acum voi continuați să fiți
creați lumina dinăuntru doar bucurați-vă și cuceriți
tot universul o oglindă ce știe ce voi știți și poate infinite lucruri

râdem plecăm călătorind ne-ntoarcem tot mereu la noi
eu știu să cânt iar tu la fel nimic de căutat sau de găsit
și iar astronauți și iar oameni micuți
în buclă împlinim în joc ce am văzut și tu și eu ieșind din vis


Day 23

be patient and everything will come
to you
both bold and not so bold
darring and not so darring wishes

be patient and don’t hurt yourself in the process
you’ll need yourself when the time comes

be patient and kind with yourself
and you’ll have all the support needed
to go forward

in the meantime keep your eyes and heart open
do your part of the work
and dance

and when the time comes you will know
it’s just the first jump of its kind
and smile
seeing you have nothing
besides the new voice inside
giving you roots and stability

be patient and kind
no one must win the fight between you
and you
you’ll only find what you gave to others
can’t win can’t lose can’t cheat can’t ask for a break

be patient


Day 22

you looked like a poem
acted like one
even talked like a poem
being as alive as someone can be
some sort of delicacy and power
or maybe i am just looking for my father’s violence
inside a stranger
you were patient
quite remarcable
i am recreating myself
so i can see
that i only see what i am
only admire what i am
5th avenue
insert your coin
let go
and laugh a little


Day 20

do you know where’s…
around the corner
you just can’t see it because of
you are very nice, i would have said
would you drink a tea
these days
or admire the rain with me
or the stars
or our inner spirits
yes we can
there’s a lot to be seen inside these days
no argument about that
then she smiled

i was there 3 days after that
previously shoot the hope with a shotgun
after the advice of a spiritual teacher
so i knew you’re not there
you’re here


Day 19

freud metamorfozat într-o pisică grasă
nerăbdător şi atent
vizitele sunt tot mai rare sau tot mai vizite
frați şi surori de suferință sau praf stelar
pentru toți oamenii fără far
picturi în debara tot mai curat în mintea mea
fiecare loc mă va duce la mine fiecare om mă va ducea mine
existența e o secundă
toate străzile duc la roma
joaca ne face vii


Day 16

aștepți să apară ceva
ochi de femeie aripi
deltaplan zâmbind dimineața
tu te întorci acasă plin de sânge
după o bătaie la d14
ai vrea să-ți spui ceva deștept
dar nu vezi nimic după lentile
te oprește un cerșetor se uită în ochii tăi
îți dă o bancnotă de o sută de euro și pleacă
armăsari albi aleargă prin cartier
și fiecare apartament are agațată de geam
câte o antenă parabolică
fiecare caută câte ceva
dar viața se întâmplă acum
zeci de lecții neînvățate
vapoare topindu-se
acum e timpul să dai mai departe
somnul e pentru vecinii tăi
pentru agricultori vânători pentru betty
în fiecare noapte aștepți
spărgătorii de bănci râd bând din conserve de bere


Day 9

i see only what i contain
girls and mixed groups break into a few national banks tonight
keep your breath and put all your money in a basket
we have motocycles outside speening for us
parties ready to end
elephnts prepared to smash everything that stoped working
do not be afraid if you are honest you will live
this night will never end
we eat hundreds of flowers snakes and potatoes
this is how energy is created
enough with using words
we are here for a reason
inspired by your lack of courage and social interraction
always speaking a single truth
put your hopes in this tiny machine
trow as far as your inner world will let you
a few guys start barking
and i’m thinking about the next jump


Day 7

a tree sits in a bird
flying over here
flying over there
admiring the violet skies
as no one other before

the tree knows how to enjoy all this
how the clap and laugh with his laud voice
he knows how to see through his branches
and not go for more

over the hills
over the tree’s forehead
over his tiny house
the sun cleans his garden dancing

everything goes by in a heartbeat
clocks became friends with people
people became friends with people
this madness and immense beauty
can be seen by almost anyone now


Day 5

those who want to help will get to heaven
even if heaven is a lie
even if heaven is a lie
visual contact is our way to say
take a sit take a sip my name is however you wanna call me
this is how amelie came to be
counting clouds, strings and strangers
tracking smiles
this is who i am
nothing belongs to me
i am a calm breath
a deer
a human
i am my one thousand mistakes that turned into lessons
i am the tiger that turned into a butterfly and back
seeing things as i am
new sounds new hands bending together
launching myself into reality
eating snakes birds and regrets
can not run from my obsessions but i can build new ones
apartments and houses and trees and whaterfalls
what a beauty – being alive
what a mistery
we should only play
be as we are
go after a new journey every day
when i write i am invincible
so are you
sending signals on the other side
although i sense this is the only side
of the coin
of the empire
take what’s not yours
give it back
no return no return
a young girl in the train station
a crocodile talking with his uncle
hey uncle why do we see so much
and breath so little
you see this is an illussion
there’s no mind
no morallity
keep swimming with no effort
observe the observable
there is no end to it
possibly no beginning
keep burning
salt and species
what a beauty – being alive


Day 3

Yesterday when I started doing it, I was almost sure that nothing will come out of it.

But I did it anyway. What do I have to lose, after all?

I am happy thoughts are just thoughts and not reality.

What do you think about today’s drawing?


Day 1

In my attention for time management, prioritizing and productivity, I missed feeling that time completely stops.

I felt there are no borders. Everything is possible. Everything can be changed.

What makes you feel the same?